Les Mills

Les Mills je největší společností na světě, poskytující inovativní řešení pro skupinové cvičení. 20 let vytváří originální výcvikové programy, které již používá 16,5 tisíc. fitness klubů v 80 zemích po celém světě.

What is Les Mills?

    Les Mills programs have been created with effective body shaping in mind, supporting a dynamic, healthy lifestyle. Today, they are conducted by 120,000 certified instructors around the world! The programs feature innovative exercises and workouts, they are safe, and based on the results of the latest scientific studies. It is just this combination that ensures training with Les Mills is both highly effective and safe.
    All training sessions are conducted by experienced instructors, with dynamic, motivating music setting the mood for great choreography. This way, Les Mills training sessions are never boring or monotonous. In order to keep their workouts attractive, Les Mills refreshes their fitness programs with new choreography and music every 3 months.
    Currently, Les Mills sessions are available in selected Jatomi Fitness clubs, at Złote Tarasy, Targówek, Promenada, and Blue City in Warsaw, Galeria Kazimierz in Kraków, Manufaktura in Łódź, Klif in Gdynia, and Renoma in Wrocław. Coming soon to other clubs!

    Les Mills GRIT® CARDIO

    Les Mills Grit Cardio

    Les Mills GRIT® CARDIO is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that improves your cardiovascular fitness and athletic capability, while maximizing your calorie burn. The workout includes different types of exercises which often leverage your own body weight rather than use any training equipment. It provides the challenge and high intensity you need to get results fast.

    Les Mills GRIT® STRENGTH

    Les Mills Grit Stregth

    Les Mills GRIT® STRENGTH is a workout designed to improve muscle strength. The 30-minute workout uses a barbell, weight plates and step bench for greater intensity and efficiency. Inspirational music and a sequence of carefully selected exercises help you build up stamina and strength. GRIT® STRENGTH classes are designed for advanced participants.


Les Mills Bodycombat

    Les Mills BODYCOMBAT® is a high-energy cardio workout. This dynamic program is inspired by the martial arts, drawing broadly on such disciplines as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Set to lively music and led by an energetic instructor, BODYCOMBAT® transforms your dreams of martial arts into an expressive, fun experience.


Les Mills Bodybalance

    Les Mills BODYBALANCE® is a harmonious combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates that helps you unwind. Full concentration, controlled breathing and a set of carefully structured moves set to the sounds of soothing music allow you to increase strength, and improve balance and mobility. This blend of techniques and moves gives you physical exercise that brings inner peace and harmony.

Les Mills CXWORX®

Les Mills CxWorx

    Les Mills CXWORX® Are you looking for a fast high-paced workout to help you move to the next fitness level while strengthening and sculpting your body? Then CXWORX® is for you. Designed to build stamina without injury, the workout combines exercises that hone the muscles of the upper and lower body, with a special focus on the abs and glutes.


Les Mills Bodypump

    Les Mills BODYPUMP® is a strength-building workout set to music. Class participants face new challenges while building their muscle strength. During the one-hour workout, you use weights to define and tone all the major muscle groups. You choose the weights yourself so as to stimulate your body to continually improve your performance.

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